Exosomes microneedling: Immediately look 5years younger

Updated: 28 December 2023


Exosomes microneedling: Immediately look 5years younger

Exosomes microneedling is a marvellous rejuvenation procedure because skin aging is a common concern, and it happens due to both internal and external factors. External factors like sunlight, pollution, smoking, and tanning can damage the skin. This damage causes problems like wrinkles, roughness, dryness, and a dull complexion.Inside our skin, there are things called metalloproteinases (MMPs) that break down the support structure of our skin, making it sag and lose its firmness. Exosomes in skincare can take away 5years from your skin and make you look younger.

Microneedling with exosomes makes your skin look like 20’s.

Additionally, fibroblasts, which help create collagen (a vital component for youthful skin), become less efficient as we age.In simpler terms, aging skin results from a combination of factors that lead to a loss of skin’s strength and elasticity, making it look older and less vibrant. Exosome skin treatment is much hyped and exhibits promising results in rejuvenation.

Table of Content
  1. What is exosome microneedling?
  2. How exosomes are used in microneedling?.
  3. What to expect after exosomes face treatment ?
  4. Exosome skincare products: Dermafirm Rx hydra exosome cream review:
    1. Overview of Dermafirm RX Hydra Exosome Cream
      1. Price and Size:
    2. Key Benefits:-
      1. Intense Hydration:
      2. Moisture Barrier:
      3. Environmental Protection:
      4. Efficient Delivery
      5. Skin Tone Correction:
    3. Commitment to Safety:
      1. Green Label:
    4. Primary Ingredients:-
      1. Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract:
      2. Ceramide NP:
      3. Hyaluronic Acid (Six Types):
      4. Panthenol (ProVitamin B5):
      5. Betaine:
      6. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1:
      7. Allantoin:
      8. Squalane:
      9. Niacinamide:
      10. Adenosine:
    5. Product Formulation
      1. Cruelty-Free:
      2. Natural Ingredients
  5. Ideal For
  6. Exosome hair therapy micro-needling
    1. Application via Microneedling:
    2. Direct Scalp Injections:
  7. Exosomes hair therapy before and after
  8. Microneedling with exosomes side effects

Dermatologists often deal with various cosmetic issues like scarring, aging skin, pigmentation problems, and hair loss. Exosomes face treatment offer a powerful solution to tackle multiple concerns at once. They’ve been used to improve scars, correct pigmentation issues, rejuvenate skin, and treat hair loss.

What is exosome microneedling?

In recent years, researchers have been studying ways to improve skin damaged by exposure to sunlight (photoaging) and a question emerged ” What are exosomes for skin?”. They’ve been using stem cells to help with this, but there are some challenges with stem cell treatment. Stem cells need to be used quickly after they’re taken from the body, which can be inconvenient. Using stem cells from other people or animals can lead to immune rejection and the risk of infections.

Exosomes before and after face
Exosome face treatment

Instead of stem cells, scientists have found that tiny particles called exosomes, which are a bit like small bubbles, can be helpful for healing damaged skin. These exosomes can do a similar job to stem cells but have some advantages. They can be stored for a long time, are easy to get from different sources, and can be used in large quantities. Exosomes microneedling is proven effective for skin rejuvenation and has shown fastest results then vampire facial. Skinpen with exosomes can also do the same job and exhibits amazing results.

These exosomes injection for face contain various substances like

  • Proteins
  • Tiny bits of genetic material
  • Lipids that can aid in skin repair. However, there hasn’t been much research on how exosomes affect skin damaged by sunlight.

How exosomes are used in microneedling?.

After treatments like laser therapy or facials for skin rejuvenation, exosomes microneedling directly on the skin can help the healing process and reduce issues like redness, swelling, and discomfort.

Studies found that when people applied exosomes face friendly from human placental mesenchymal stem cells after micro-needling, their skin improved in terms of tone, texture, blood vessels, and overall quality.They also had fewer fine lines, smaller pores, less pigment spots, and less oily skin compared to those who didn’t use exosomes face treatment.

What to expect after exosomes face treatment ?

  • Exosome facial treatment have anti-inflammatory properties, which means they help the skin heal faster and reduce problems like dark spots and scarring.
  • They also boost the production of collagen and fibroblasts in the skin, which is good for rejuvenation.
  • Not only can exosome.therapy for skin be used after procedures, but if applied daily, they can help maintain healthy skin by reducing wrinkles, redness, and uneven skin color.Exosomes under eyes is a powerful solution to treat eye bags and dark circles.

Exosome skincare products: Dermafirm Rx hydra exosome cream review:

Some very prominent exosomes skincare products involve dermafirm face cream.

Overview of Dermafirm RX Hydra Exosome Cream

Price and Size:

$72 for a 50ml package

Key Benefits:-

Intense Hydration:

Ensures deep moisturization to enhance skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Moisture Barrier:

Establishes a substantial barrier to retain moisture, giving the skin a radiant look.

Environmental Protection:

Shields skin from harmful environmental factors.

Efficient Delivery

Utilizes liposome technology for the deeper penetration of active ingredients.

Skin Tone Correction:

Aids in lightening skin spots and inhibiting melanin production.

Commitment to Safety:

Green Label:

Free from harmful substances; cruelty-free, paraben-free, and devoid of synthetic colors.

Primary Ingredients:-

Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract:

Offers antioxidant properties and promotes skin healing.-

Ceramide NP:

Moisturizes and protects the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid (Six Types):

Provides deep and varied moisturization.-

Panthenol (ProVitamin B5):

Encourages skin regeneration and moisture retention.-


Balances skin moisture.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1:

Enhances collagen production for skin repair.-


Moisturizes and soothes the skin.-


Fights against skin aging and hydrates.-


Brightens and evens out skin tone.-


Promotes elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

Product Formulation


Ensures no harm to animals during production.

Natural Ingredients

Focus on using safe, plant-based components for skin health.

Ideal For

Anyone looking to hydrate and protect their skin while ensuring ethical consumption practices. This reformulated description aims to provide a user-friendly overview, highlighting the essential aspects of the Dermafirm RX Hydra Exosome Cream.

Exosome hair therapy micro-needling

For hair restoration, exosomes can be employed in two ways

Application via Microneedling:

Exosomes can be administered to the scalp topically and paired with microneedling. This method is currently considered safe and effective for hair restoration.

Direct Scalp Injections:

Although not approved by the FDA, there is a proposal that directly injecting exosomes into the affected area of the scalp may be more efficacious. However, this approach is still undergoing research and is not widely acknowledged as a standardized treatment.

Exosome facial injections are valuable due to their capacity to release growth factors similar to PRP. However, they possess a higher concentration of these growth factors. Furthermore, exosomes therapy for hair loss offer the advantage of customizable cellular content for targeted treatments, potentially yielding superior outcomes. Microneedling exosomes help with all the skin and scalp related issues with greater precision.

Exosomes hair therapy before and after

Exosomes therapy has shown considerable results in terms of hair growth via microneedling.

Exosomes microneedling is an effective treatment option for rejuvenation of skin, it exhibit fastest results as compared to prp.

Microneedling with exosomes side effects

Exosomes face treatment have alot of benefits regarding rejuvenation but nothing comes without cons. Exosome facial injection have multiple side effects, even if derived from your own cells. Some of the side effects are,

  • Infusional toxicities
  • tumour formation
  • No results
  • Darker skin
  • Inflammation
Which is better prp (vampire facial) or exosomes therapy?

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a treatment where a concentrated form of plasma is taken from your own blood and used in medical and aesthetic procedures to help with things like hair growth, arthritis, and injuries. It contains substances that can speed up healing. However, the effectiveness can vary because it depends on your age, health, and other factors.

On the other hand, exosomes are made in a lab, so their contents are more consistent. Research suggests that a mix of concentrated PRP and exosomes works better than PRP alone for different skin conditions. Exosomes therapy not only help with tissue repair and growth but also boost the immune system, increase cell activity, and trigger cell repair in various ways. This makes exosomal therapy more potent than PRP because they are more concentrated and versatile.

Is exosome microneedling FDA-approved?

No, exosomal products are not FDA approved, the research is only carried out at animals and is currentlynot rendered safe for humans. If someone offers the treatment, Ask the healthcare professional to show you the certificate of FDA-approval.

What is the cost of exosomes microneedling?

The exosomes microneedling facial cost revolves around $700-$1800, it totally depends upon your location, the clinic you choose and the targeted area you want the treatment for.

Do exosomes under eyes are effective?

Exosomes under eyes can do wonder to your skin and can resolve all the under eye issues

  • Eye bags
  • Saggy skin
  • Under eye dark circles
  • loose under eye skin

Saba Saeed

Saba Saeed

Saba Saeed M.phil in pharmaceutical sciences., is a Board-Certified pharmacist with research expertise in Dermatology, Fellow of the American research centre in drug development and discovery, and has been an international leader in developing microneedles for different skin conditions for over 15 years. She played an important role in developing insulin loaded microneedles and later proved effectiveness of micro-needling technique in various cosmetic and dermatology treatments. She pioneered an online consultation center regarding effectiveness of microneedling and dosage of various substances delivered via it. She provided online consultation to a number of men and women which helped them in making right decision for their skin.She also worked on novel drug delivery system i.e. mucoadhesive buccal patches for delivery of drugs with narrow therapeutic index. She is recently working on 3D-printing of drugs and loading of anti-diabetic drugs on microneedles with Dr. Sohail Muhammad Arshad (Dean Faculty of Pharmacy). She has contirbuted alot in serving needs of the community and is uplifting culture of safety and security. She provides online consultation on various health related concerns and you can book an appointment directly with her to inquire about related concerns.She also worked on novel drug delivery system i.e. mucoadhesive buccal patches for delivery of drugs with narrow therapeutic index. She is recently working on 3D-printing of drugs and loading of anti-diabetic drugs on microneedles with Dr. Sohail Muhammad Arshad (Dean Faculty of Pharmacy).She has contirbuted alot in serving needs oft he community and is uplifting culture of safety and security. She provides online consultation on various health related concerns and you can book an appointment directly with her to inquire about related concerns.

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